Sunday, 2 September 2012


Kodachadri, mountain peak with dense forests,  was one of the best trips I had in my life. The beauty of peak is beyond any words. Here I like to tell something about the trip that mesmerized me.

It was another weekend , when me and my friend decided to go for an outing. Being working in bank through out the week made us to think about a place, just to refresh us. And the lotto went to Kodachadri, a beautiful peak about 111km from Shimoga, Karnataka. We planned to visit the place by Saturday.  

Our Bikes
The day came soon and we packed our backpacks with all the necessary stuffs. We started the journey from Shimoga by evening 4 pm, as we had to complete the bank works. The weather was rainy since monsoon has placed its foot in the state . Wearing jackets and helmet , both of us started the journey on bikes (mine Bajaj Pulsar, and his Evergreen Bullet 350).

Initially itself we got drenched in rain for the first 40 km of driving, while passing through Ayyanur, Arasalu , Ripponpet . The road was passing through farmlands, fields and then forests. We had a view of Western Ghats when we reached Hosanagara. A small and beautiful town where we had our first pit stop. We had a cup of tea and some snacks from a small teashop just adjacent to the road.  Then after the small break we started back again. The time was 6pm when we reached a place where sunlight was making its own painting.
The place was close to a small village named Nagara, where we again stopped to have a quick look at the Shivappa Naika Fort.

Shivappa Naika Fort, Nagara
Starting back again with last 24 km to go, we increased the speed as the sunset came up and darkness was spreading. Drenching in the rain almost many times and speeding up to 60kms in the narrow ghat roads , we reached at the foot of Kodachadri hills by night 7pm. We took a home stay costing Rs 200/- per day, and stayed there for the night. In the morning with delicious breakfast we started our climb of 10kms from the base. From the foots, the peak was totally immersed in fog, we thought of reaching there before noon so that we can have a glimpse in the fog.We started the trek by morning 7.30.  The trek was easy in the starting 2 km, but later it turned its trend and become much difficult. It was not even 4 km when i had to take rest because of climbing. 

In the midpoint peak.
Surrounding hills
After taking rest for two times we reached the midpoint of the trek and were awestruck with the beauty of the surrounding hills. We took some photos at the place before moving on for the peak. The rest of the track was simply picturesque. Drenching in rain, fog, I was totally enjoying the trek.
 The fog was getting denser and denser as we moved to the top. It was feeling like we were sky walking. I was confused, thinking that whether rain is drenching me or the fog. It was getting difficult to see the track due to the fog.

Finally we reached at the top by 9.30am (beautiful , challenging climb), and were amazed to see a small tea shop. The shop was providing tea for the tourists and managed by locals. When we enquired about the peak , they said its further 2 km with very steep climb. After having tea, we decided to stop only after reaching the top.

The place was getting colder and colder due to rain. Anyway we started the final climbing. What the locals said and what we saw was almost the same. The trek become further difficult due to rain because of slipping.

Narrow path to the peak.
 Before reaching the top, the final 400mtrs, the trail becomes very narrow in such a way that only a single person can pass. Since I didn't know how much above I was from the base (bcz of dense fog) it was easy for me to walk.

 At last we reached the top by 11.30am and were greeted with rain, fog and heavy winds. I took a video at the peak, and rested there for one hour.

 At the peak a small temple is there which is called Sarvajana Peetha. Sarvajana Peetha is a small temple like structure near the peak where Adi Sankara meditated. We surveyed the surroundings for some time , took photos, had some fruits and rested in the fog. 

Time was around 1pm , when with great difficulty we started our descend. The place totally mesmerized me with its beauty, so it was with very difficulty I came back. While coming down we went through another route. The route was covered with dense forest, and I was surprised to find it at the peak itself. 

Temples at top, surrounded by fog.
We came down the trail and finally reached the tea shop . By this time the visibility had came down to 5 meters. The fog was so dense that we were not even able to take photos.

Be protected from it.
Path leading to peak.
Slowly we trek down from the peak occasionally seeing the Passers-by and taking photos. We reached the base by 3pm and after having lunch from the home stay, started back the return journey. The return was also the same , drenching in rain, taking photos. This time we stopped at the Nagara Fort and had a much larger look at the place, had some snacks and then drove back. 

We reached Shimoga by 6.30pm, being totally refreshed with the outing I started my job very next day cheerfully and much more relaxed. 

And by the time two weeks were over , we had another tour, which was fun, thrill, and much more enjoyable. The place,.........KUDREMUKH.